Terms and conditions

Trans Scania is not open to the general public. Only qualified runners will be accepted into the race. The organizers decide who is qualified and not based on, amongst other things, the runners previous achievements. Their decision is final.

The registration is not complete until payment has been received by the organizers. Applications that are not payed within two weeks after the payment details have been sent out are discarded. Once completed, the registration is final and cannot be refunded, transfered to another person, or kept for another year.

All participants in Trans Scania do so completely at own risk. The organizers will not be held responsible for any injuries or other damages. Except delivering drop bags provided by the participants, the organizers provide no support during the race. It’s the responsibility of each participant to arrange any additional support needed.

It is absolutely prohibited to litter or disturb wildlife or plats along the course, this is very important since the race passes though several nature preserves.

The information we collect from you at registration and during the race will be used to prepare, inform about and manage the race. Name, gender, Date of Birth and race result will be kept and stored in our result database. This information will also be forwarded to the statistics gathering of D.U.V. and ITRA for the purpose of statistics and qualification records.

The Trans Scania organisation will keep your email address to be able to inform you about future races. This will not be forwarded to a third party. All other personal data will be deleted at the end of the race.

Note that during the race, you are obliged to carry a GPS tracker which will send your position (with a time delay) during the race to a centralised database for the purpose of tracking the race. This GPS data is stored in Norway and are publically availiable throughout and after the race.

The race organisation may also record motion and still images with or without audio at the start, end and during the race. These may be posted publicly.