Water locations

This is an approximative list of distance between stops:
Water distances

All the stops checked and documented below can be downloaded as a waypoint gpxfile here.

All stops checked 2018-07-28 to be functional:

Skryllegården, [55.69225734, 13.35945705]

The Lodge, [55.63447346, 13.43067531]
The Lodge, Toilet and water The Lodge, Water

Romeleåsens Golfklubb, [55.59362212, 13.51641786]
Romeleåsens golfklubb, water Romeleåsens golfklubb, toilet

Blentarp kyrka (Blentarp church), [55.58162703, 13.60662458]
Blentarp kyrka  Blentarp kyrka, water

Sövdesjön, [55.58937357, 13.66549321], [55.58921694, 13.66689605]
Sövdesjön, toilet Sövdesjön, water, shower

Snogeholmssjön, [55.56667788, 13.71746926]
Snogeholmssjön, sign at fiskestugan  Snogeholmssjön, Toilet with water  Snogeholmssjön, toilet with water

Eriksdal, [55.58354719, 13.78400483]
Eriksdal, sign to water Eriksdal, Water

Lövestad, Karlssons hörna, [55.6535, 13.8894]
Karlssons hörna  Karlssons hörna, inne på gården

Lövestad, ICA Hanssons, [55.6535, 13.8897]
ICA Hanssons, Lövestad

Hallsbergs gård, [55.67444707, 13.89508121]
Hallsbergs gård, water  Hallsbergs gård, water

Andrarums gamla brandstation, [55.71610384, 13.97049408]
Andrarums gamla brandstation, water  Andrarums gamla brandstation, water  Andrarums gamla brandstation, water

Brösarp kyrka (Brösarp church), [55.72379865, 14.10513961]
Brösarp church, toilet with water  Brösarp kyrka, water

Haväng vandrarhem, [55.72379842, 14.19101867]
Haväng vandrarhem  Haväng vandrarhem, toilet with water